Khadija T Niang

Executive director & President


Writer, entrepreneur & MBA graduate  Khadija Tatoi Niang works to keep the personal development of women, children and the underserved at the forefront.  From one on one coaching, to writing books and running the day to day activities of several businesses, she loves working to help others find the tools they need to succeed, help one another, and lead an empowered life.  She enjoys coordinating her efforts and creations with Smart Start Learning Center, Flawless Publication, and Tatoi Housing Enterprise teams and finds the opportunity to connect with thought leaders in the field and share their messages a dream come true.  Khadija has spent over 20 years in several industries, working in both corporate & entrepreneur settings. She shares her life with her husband Mamour and three wonderful children Sokhna, Awa and Masyla. Khadija loves to spend as much time as possible with them, and extended friends and family. When not working, she devotes her free time enjoying yoga, reading and studying as well as supporting her favorite causes and nonprofits.